Liberty Books come to Hyderabad

Saturday 04 March 2017 3 months ago 124   Hyderabad   Print

Liberty Books Hyderabad

Blogger  Kaleem Butt : Hyderabad the ancient capital and second largest city of Sindh, well-known for its breezy evenings was once also known as intellectual hub of Sindh, most of the Sindhi newspapers have their head offices in this city, people of Hyderabad love to read and write, there was a time when people of Hyderabad used to enjoy evenings filled with cultural and literary activities. However, after Karachi and Lahore, Liberty Books one of the largest book-selling shops of Pakistan has opened an outlet in the Boulevard Mall located on Autobhan Road. The Liberty Books offer wide range of books in English language that includes international and national fiction, history, philosophy, culture and other subjects, while it also offers variety of children literature, the bookshop also offers online shopping for its customers. The Manager of Liberty Books said that they had social media campaign, they have wide range of online costumers from Hyderabad and keeping this in view they have decided to open an outlet in Hyderabad, so that the purchasers and book-lovers could easily reach to quality books. However, a section of Sindhi press showing unnecessary nationalism criticizing the ceremony has published that the outlet is opened in Boulevard Mall, where only burger families would be entertained, the outlet is not displaying Sindhi books and all that non-sense. The outlet purely offers international literature and there was a need of that because there is no such book shop in Hyderabad that could offer such variety of books, since the outlet maintains some sort of standard so it opens outlets in such atmosphere like Park Tower, Ocean Tower and Boulevard Mall, I do not think there is any need to criticize this. 02