Turtle eating 900 coins goes under surgery in Thailand

Wednesday 08 March 2017 3 months ago 68   Bangkok    Print

Doctors after performing surgery of turtle

Report  Web desk : BANGKOK: A turtle in Thailand had to go through a medical surgery as it had swallowed 900 coins that people had thrown into the sea for getting their wishes fulfilled. According to Time.com, the turtle, named Bank, had been swallowing these coins for last several years. The doctors told that it was a female turtle and was 25 years of age. All the coins had merged into a big ball inside her stomach and were threatening her life when she was brought to the hospital. It has been reported that the turtle lived near the coastal town of Sri Racha. The town is visited by superstitious visitors in large numbers who throw their coins into the sea making wishes. "I felt angry that humans, whether or not they meant to do it or if they did it without thinking, had caused harm to this turtle," Nantarika Chansue, who led the surgery. 02