Pakistani teenager so elastic he could bend shoulders to 360 degrees

Wednesday 08 March 2017 3 months ago 19   Lahore   Print

Abdullah the bending boy from Pakistan

Report  Web desk : LAHORE: A Pakistani schoolboy is wowing people with his incredible talent of bending his shoulders 360 degrees and then touching his neck and waist with ease. Abdullah Shah, 17, performs his unbelievable acts in local parks and gardens in his hometown Lahore, Pakistan, for fun. The boy is so flexible that he can dislocate his shoulders and bend them backwards enabling his hands to touch his neck, shoulder blades and waist and surprisingly relocates them back. Abdullah, who learnt the tricks by himself, proudly says he has never suffered any injury after the performance. He had simply put pressure on his shoulders in an attempt to expand them but that resulted in dislocation. But Abdullah was surprised when he could get them back to place without any pain. He says: "I used to exercise daily. One day by chance I expanded and bent my shoulders. The result was amazing. 02