The role of women is important in society for development: Speakers

Thursday 09 March 2017 3 months ago 102   Badin   Print

Speakers talking at Badin press club

Report  Tanweer Ahmed Arain : BADIN: The role of the women is important in the society for the development but unfortunately women are not allowed to entertain their basic rights and our society has ignored the role of the women. It was stated by the speakers of the seminar organized by local organization AWARE with collaboration of Oxfam at Badin Press Club on Thursday to mark the International Women Day. The speakers including Shamim Khatti, Mohammad Nawaz Memon, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, President Badin Press Club, Nadeem Azeemi, Khadim Talpur, Mohammad Bux Soomro and others said that women is a sources of the change of the society and her voice is solution of the problems faced by the society. Adding they said that participation of the women is being ignored for the development and agri-inputs and they termed literacy of the women as necessary for the positive change of the society and development of the area. Addressing the participants, speakers of the seminar said that we must take viable efforts to empower the women as they can take active participation in the decision making. 02