1st National Conference on Quality Education held at LUMHS

Thursday 09 March 2017 3 months ago 187   Jamshoro   Print

LUMHS VC Noshad Shaikh addressing a seminar

Report  Ali Murad Chandio : JAMSHORO: The “1st LUMHS National Conference on Quality Education” was inaugurated at Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro on 9thMarch 2017. While addressing more than 500 Delegates the Vice Chancellor LUMHS Prof. Noshad A. Shaikh expressed that the Conference is to step up our efforts in quality education, turning from challenges into opportunities. Delivering education is a universal principle requiring universal and national involvement. He added that Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, it is 55 per cent and Pakistan stands at 160th in total countries of the world. A good quality education is one that provides all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being. He further said that based on this international legal framework, students must receive a quality education that enables their personalities, talents and abilities and to live a full and satisfying life within society. The aims of education go far beyond acquiring numeracy and literacy skills. Basic skills also include “life skills such as the ability to make well-balanced decisions; to resolve conflicts in a responsibility, critical thinking, creative talents, and other abilities which give children the tools needed to pursue their options in life. He informed that LUMHS is struggling to enhance quality of education. The University has adopted an international system of examination, new curriculum, animated classes, skill laboratories; simulator based clinical teaching and many more in future. The Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Prof. Fateh Muhammad Burfat expressed that the Quality Education is the best possible investment against exclusion, inequalities and poverty. It is estimated that if all children in poor countries could read, global poverty would fall by 12 per cent. Every dollar invested in education and skills generates returns at least 10 times greater for economic growth. Education is an essential key to nation-building, conflict prevention, democratic development and active citizenship. He added that the Quality Education does not just give knowledge, but also makes a better person. It provides with social acceptability in the society and gives empowerment regarding decision making, problem solving and even multi-tasking. Quality Education should not be considered as a want in fact, it should be perceived as a need for every institution. Pro- Vice Chancellor LUMHS Prof. Aneela Atta Ur Rahman expressed that the aim of this conference is to provide a platform to institutions and individuals who have stake in promoting quality Education, where the latest trends in higher education can be presented and discussed in a gracious environment, and more significant to learn from each other. She informed more than 30 presenters and 11 keynote speakers, including Vice Chancellors, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Directors and PhD scholars from all over Pakistan are participating in this event and will share their valuable experiences. She added that Quality Education is a basic human right and an investment in our future it begins from the moment a child joins a school and even before that, in the womb of the mother and within the child’s household where he learns from his/her surroundings. Hence, we need to produce educated mothers and fathers who understand the need for quality education. The Two Day Conference has been arranged under the supervision of Prof. Imran Shaikh, Director Quality Enhancement Cell LUMHS Jamshoro. Attachments area. 02