Bakers of London make biggest cake of world

Monday 13 March 2017 4 months ago 60   London    Print

Bakers measuring the biggest cake

Report  Web desk : LONDON: Frances Quinn, a former winner of baking competition The Great British Bake Off, recently cook a new world record. The baker teamed up with Hambleton Bakery to present a segment on BBC Radio 4 show The Philsopher Arm as part of a debate – “Are Jaffa cakes a cake or a biscuit?” Frances and her team decided to bake the world Largest Jaffa Cake to shed some light on the topic. The showstopper measured a whopping 124 cm (4 ft 0.8 in) wide and had a surface area of 1.207 square metres (13 ft 2). The sponge base was mixed from 5.6 kg of eggs, 6.1 kg of butter, 6.1 kg of caster sugar, 6.1 kg of self-raising flour and 200 g of vanilla. 02