Residents of Badin protest against influential landlord

Monday 13 March 2017 3 months ago 56   Badin   Print

Residents of Badin addressing a press conference

Report  Tanweer Ahmed Arain : BADIN: Villagers, residents of village Haji Mohammad Soomro led by Abdul Karim Soomro, Abdul Hakeem, Mehmood Soomro and others have protested against an influential landlord. Protesting in front of Badin Press Club and holding the press conference on Monday, protesters alleged that an avid landlord accompanied with his supporters entered in their houses on gunpoint and has made violence over the innocent women and children of their families. Adding they alleged that supporters of avid landlord have also forcibly snatched four buffaloes, two motorcycles and four she-goats by using their tracker trolley adding they alleged that 13 years old child named Irshad Soomro was also kidnapped by them and yet is missing expressing their deep concerned over the missing of child as he might be murdered. They also expressed their concerned over the police about supporting to the landlord. They demanded from Chief Justice, Sindh High court, IG Sindh and others that take notice of the incident as bring the culprits to the justice. 02