Puzzle created to prove computer could never match human mind: Scientists

Tuesday 14 March 2017 3 months ago 37   London    Print

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Report  Web desk : LONDON: A chess problem could help scientists finally unravel whether quantum theory can explain human consciousness. Oxford professor Sir Roger Penrose created the puzzle to prove the human mind can never be matched by a computer because it exhibits quantum effects. This means the brain does not follow the rules for the classical properties of matter like a computer. Instead, it follows rules for a new concept of matter altogether that leaves cracks for consciousness and intuition to appear. Now, Sir Roger has set up a new institute to test his theory, and has invited everyday puzzle enthusiasts to pit their wits against the problem as part of his research. If successful, it could prove for the first time that the human brain does not simply work like a massive supercomputer. The team hope to scan the brains of those with the quickest responses, or whose brain show signs of creative eureka moments, to test a controversial theory on human consciousness. 02