Submarines may cause mass dolphin stranding

Thursday 16 March 2017 2 months ago 48   London    Print

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Report  Web desk : LONDON: The mass stranding of dolphins across the British coast this year could have been caused by noise from submarines, a study suggests. A total of 125 dolphins were found on the beaches of Cornwall in January and February this year, compared to 36 last year and 14 the year before. The exact cause has yet to be discovered. But new research provides a mechanism to explain how mass strandings may be caused sonar – sound waves used by submarines and other vessels to locate objects underwater. Sonar makes whales and dolphins flee at a rapid speed, exhausting them. This makes them more likely to end up beached as they run out of steam, according to researchers. Tests on trained dolphins found that when exposed to low frequency sonar they swum harder, using 30 per cent more energy. 02