Rusticated students of private school protest at Jamshoro

Thursday 16 March 2017 3 months ago 71   Jamshoro   Print

Rusticated students of private school are seen protesting at Jamshoro

Report  Ali Murad Chandio : JAMSHORO: The residents of Jamshoro students of a private school continued their protest against the school administration for not re-enrolling them in the school on Thursday. According to details the students of class fourth and class one Marvi Chandio and Zaheer Chandio at Kiran Elementary School continued their protest against the adminstration for forcefully rusticating them, while administration has taken no notice of the protest. They alleged that the administration is rusticating their children without any reason claiming that the school asked to give them building on rent and also offered free education to their 4 children, but the administration is backing from this commitment and have rusticated their children giving reason of not paying the fees. They said that they have talked to the school administration many times regarding this issue but the administration is not ready to solve this problem and future of their children is on stack. On that occasion the parents raised slogans against school administration. 02