Book: The Party Worker (Novel)

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Blogger  Kaleem Butt : Author: Omar Shahid Hamid Publisher: Pan Macmillan Year: 2017 Genre: Fiction There has been lack of crime fiction in Pakistani literature, the famous Imran Series or Kamran Series were much popular among the readers but after that no one seriously thought about crime thrillers untill Omar Shahid Hamid made his entry with "The Prisoner" and after that "The Spinner Tale". A cop by profession and well-versed with streets of Karachi, Omar this time picks up his pen and tells his readers about the downfall of the Don "Mohammad Ali Pichkari" and his party, which he has been operating from New York since two decades. This action packed novel opens with an attempted murder of an important man of Don named Haider Ali, who had led the militant wing of party for years and gave new shape to influence, the shootout takes place outside the National History Museum in which a Jewess is killed and other passers-by are injured, some how Haider survives the homicide and for the first time Don comes under surveillance of New York Police Department (NYPD), and two detectives Anthony and Charlie start their investigation and find CIA and its official Simon Sole defending Don with the help of highly paid and blunt team of lawyers. Haider is willing to take his revenge as his family killed in Karachi by the party and he keeps himself alive to kill the don and bring the United Front that has been ruling Karachi through terror. As a master of spin, Omar keeps on spinning his story by introducing various characters like Baba Dacait, Ismail Naich a journalist, old Byram a Parsi, whose family has been victim of the party, Sadia, sister of a cop who was killed by the party. However, there is Baba Dacait sitting in Lyari enjoying football being played with the heads of ward bosses of the party and really wants to have his stake in the politics of the city. All of sudden sensitive information of the party starts leaking and serious allegation are being established against the Don, and he asked to go back to Karachi, to which he agrees, but Baba Dacait, who is hungry for his blood and Haider, who wants to take revenge of Nani Amma are playing to kill the Don, who has got a soft image from America, especially after services offered by his party in hunting the Taliban in Karachi, after 9/11. Omar masterfully puts light on the manipulation in politics of Karachi, and making demons and angels out of ordinary people, and then there is the role of journalist who has his own vested interests and rather choosing offer of party, opts to go for Baba Dacait and later on betrays him. This novel in real sense portrays the real picture of Karachi and its politics, but that is not all eventually it comes to knowledge, it not Hadier or Baba behind Pichkari but his own Chief Minister and special branch officer, who was one of the founding members of the party and left it because Don had an eye on his girlfriend are after him and created the whole drama of downfall of Don and the party. Being a fiction lover this novel reminds me of Sidney Sheldon and Agatha Christie. 02