White House assures UK not to repeat allegations of GCHQ sping on Trump

Friday 17 March 2017 2 months ago 42   Washington   Print

White House-File Photo

Report  Web desk : WASHINGTON: The White House has assured the UK Government it will not repeat allegations that GCHQ spied on Donald Trump, in a bid to avoid a major diplomatic row. Downing Street said it had told members of Mr Trump’s team that the allegations were “ridiculous” and should be “ignored”, after the claims were repeated by White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Theresa May’s official spokesman would not confirm whether the administration had offered an apology, but did indicate Mr Spicer had been told not to raise the claims again. He confirmed that representations had been made by the British ambassador to the US and Ms May national security adviser to members of Mr Trump team. The No 10 spokesman said: “We have made clear to the administration that these claims are ridiculous and they should be ignored and we have received assurances they won’t be repeated.” He said that the situation would not damage the “special relationship”, and that it was close relations that the US and UK shared that allowed the Government to raise the matter. 02