Badin residents face low gas pressure

Sunday 19 March 2017 2 months ago 25   Badin   Print

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Report  Tanweer Ahmed Arain : BADIN:The people of Badin have pilling up their complains about the low gas pressure at their homes ahead to onset of summer season as it is more requires for operating the generators for power during the load shedding. According reports the Sui Southern Gas Company Badin has started to reduce the loss by making low pressure of the gas which creates panic situation for the resident of different areas of Badin city. The Sui southern gas company started to provide low pressure of the gas to its hundreds of consumers in throughout the district Badin which causing huge difficulties for the residents. The different areas of the city Badin including Abid Town, Kachhi para, labor colony, Pir Aali Shah koat, Agrovil Colony, Revenue colony, irrigation colony and others areas despite to control the gas theft, leakages and maintenance, Gas company Badin starts to provide the low pressure gas to its hundreds of consumers to reduce the losses. The low pressure of gas is causing huge difficulties for people of Badin city. The credible sources told that despite to maintain the gas pressure Sui Gas Company reduced pressure from 15 pound to 05 pound of gas pressure as low pressure gas from time of 7:00 pm to 5:00 am which creates huge difficulties for people of Badin city. Other hand, talking with media Nawaz Soomro, Zonal Manager, Sui Gas Company, Badin told the media-men that no a single complain yet was registered at his office adding he told that if any consumer has a complain may come his office as he would address their issues. Meanwhile he said that gas pressure is being maintain at different areas according to their requirements. It is pertinent to mention that the gas low pressure has created panic situation and if this low gas pressure problem causing huge difficulties for people invariably affecting residential areas of Badin which can provoke a storm of protests. (01)