Tando Adam: Dead body recovered from Ruhari canal

Sunday 19 March 2017 2 months ago 61   Tando Adam   Print

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Report  Suleman Saand : TANDO ADAM: The dead boy of young man recovered from Roohari canal at Dari Mori near Odero Lal, on Sunday. According to the details, the dead body of 28-year-old namely Mukhtiar Ali Ahpun the resident of village Gidar Ahpun recovered from Ruhari canal. According to the reports, 5 days ago abnormal younger Mukhtiar Ali Ahpun was suicide in Roohari canal due to abnormal situation. Meanwhile, police recovered the dead body of young man. Police was shifted the dead body of young man to near by hospital. After conducting the autopsy the dead body was handed over to his family. (01)