Afzal Butt group wins PFUJ elections overwhelmingly

Monday 20 March 2017 2 months ago 60   Quetta   Print

Senior journalists Afzal Butt and Khalid Khokhar-File Photo

Report  Web desk : QUETTA: Afzal Butt Group has secured overwhelming majority in Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists held here in Quetta press club. According to details issued by the Chairman Election Committee Afzal Butt contesting for President was declared successful by getting 182 votes, on the other hand Kashif Hussain presidential candidate got 61 votes. While the four Vice President candidates including Saleem Shahid got 190 votes, Bakhtzada Yousifzai got 175 votes, Mr. Khalid Khokhar got 171 votes and Ameen Abbasi got 165 votes, while their opponents including Atta Mustafa got 53 votes and Zafar Iqbal got six votes. Mr. Waseem Farooq Shahid contesting for Finance Secretary was declared victorious getting 152 votes, Naeem Hanif contesting against him got 77 votes. Likewise, contesting on four seats of Assistant Secretary, Abdul Khaliq got 176 votes, Chuadhry Yasir Butt got 171 votes, Lala Asad Pathan got 170 votes and Raja Haroon got 166 votes, contestant against them Nawaz Tahir got 76 votes. Meanwhile, 55 candidates contested for 25 seats of FAC, in which Rana Shafiq Khan Pasrwari got 157 votes, Amir Sajjad Syed got 160 votes, Afzal Baloch got 195 votes, Ashraf Khan got 163 votes, Banaras Khan got 173 votes, Ibrahim Khan got 172 votes, Ahsan ul Haq got 176 votes, Javed Asfar got 148 votes, Javed Siddiqui got 143 votes, Lala Rehman Sammo got 154 votes, Liaquat Ali Khan got 144 votes, Qurban Satti got 158 votes, Mian Abid Raza got 157 votes, Nasir Malik got 194 votes, Nasir Zaidi got 192 votes, Nair Ali got 163 votes, Rana Naveed got 160 votes, Rashid Aziz Hashmi got 146 votes, Shehrish Khokhar got 161 votes, Sardar Shafiq Ahmed got 160 votes, Shahzada Zulfiqar got 176 votes, Shakeel Ahmed got 153 votes, Siddiq Chuadhary got 158 votes, Syed Bukhar Shah got 167 votes and Tariq Mehmood got 161 votes and declared successful. 02