Pakistan urges WB to fulfill obligations of Indus Waters Treaty

Sunday 25 December 2016 6 months ago 39   Ireland    Print

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Report  Web desk : Finance Minister Ishaq Dar wrote a letter to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim asking to execute its obligation under Indus Waters Treaty under which no party can pause the performance of its role. Dar wrote the letter in response to the decision of WB to pause the process of emplacement of the Court of Arbitration. The WB had announced a pause in the separate processes initiated by India and Pakistan under the Indus Waters Treaty to allow the two countries to consider alternative ways to resolve their disagreements. The decision halted the appointment of a neutral expert, as requested by India, and the Chairman of the Court of Arbitration, as requested by Pakistan, to resolve issues regarding two hydroelectric power plants under construction by India along the Indus rivers system. In his letter, he written to respond the latter of WB head on December 12 to him, the finance minister emphasized that this decision would seriously prejudice in the interests of Pakistan and rights under the Indus Waters Treaty, 1960. The letter has been sent with approval of all stakeholders concerned and strongly conveyed that the matter of appointment of a chairman of the Court of Arbitration had been inordinately delayed. The minister urged the World Bank to execute its obligations under the Indus Waters Treaty as the chosen appointing.