34 year old lady had eye surgery to save vision

Tuesday 11 April 2017 2 months ago 21   London    Print

Muni Abubakar 34 had eye surgery

Report  Web desk : LONDON: A woman who suffered from a rare condition that made her eyes bulge has undergone surgery to save her sight. Muni Abubakar, 34, underwent the pioneering operation to adjust her eye lids two years ago after being warned she was at risk of glaucoma. The insurance worker was left feeling deformed as a result of her eyes being pushed forward and protruded from their sockets. Often strangers would ridicule her for her unusual appearance, and children would sometimes even be afraid of her. Doctors told her it was down to Graves disease - an autoimmune disorder that causes swelling of the tissues around the eyes. But lid retraction surgery proved to be a success, and has made her happy with her appearance once again. 02