Eating fruits daily cut risk of diabetes: Study

Wednesday 12 April 2017 2 weeks ago 32   London    Print

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Report  Web desk : LONDON: Eating fresh fruit every day can cut your risk of developing diabetes, say researchers. Their work should allay fears that eating too much fruit is unhealthy because of its high sugar content. The study, led by Oxford University, found it does not raise blood sugar, probably because glucose and fructose in fruit are metabolised differently to the refined sugars in cake and processed foods. Eating fruit every day could cut diabetes risk because it also contains healthy fibre and vitamins. But it may be best to opt for apples, oranges, pears and berries because they raise blood sugar more gradually than bananas, grapes and tropical fruits. The study, which monitored nearly 500,000 people in China, found those who were diabetes-free at the start of the seven-year experiment had a 12 per cent lower risk of developing it if they ate fruit every day. 02