University of Michigan makes 15,00 rubik cube

Friday 14 April 2017 2 weeks ago 24   New York   Print

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Report  Web desk : NEW YORK: University of Michigan mechanical engineering students have made one of the most popular puzzle games much larger. And tougher to solve. Seven former and current students unveiled a 1,500-pound Rubik Cube during a ceremony inside the G.G. Brown engineering building on the Ann Arbor campus. The massive, mostly aluminum structure is meant to be played by students and others on campus. Four students came up with the idea three years ago and handed down the project to other students. "It is the largest solvable mechanical stationary Rubik Cube," said Ryan Kuhn, a 22-year-old senior who helped assemble the giant puzzle this week. "It was kind of an urban myth of North Campus, this giant Rubik Cube that is been going on for a while." 02