Sonu Nigam calls for ban on Azan through loudspeakers in India

Monday 17 April 2017 2 weeks ago 51   India    Print

Singer Sonu Nigam-File Photo

Report  Web desk : NEW DELHI: Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam in a show of religious intolerance has criticized the Azaan call given by a mosque near his home. The singer took to twitter and posted a series of statements against Azaan terming it forced religiousness. The singer is loved and admired in both India and Pakistan but his indecent criticism hurt many of his fans. He received flak over his comments as people called him disrespectful towards the religion. Incidents of religious intolerance are common in India where the Muslims are a minority and do not receive their due rights and respect. Many of the Muslims are frequently attacked and killed over accusations of cow slaughter as the animal is considered sacred in Hindu-majority India. Bollywood celebrities are also subjected to criticism and targeted over their Muslim faith. 02