Shah Rukh Khan to change his surname to Chan

Tuesday 18 April 2017 a week ago 24   Mumbai   Print

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Report  Web desk : SAN FRANCISCO: Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan during his fan moments with Chan exclaimed that he will change his surname with that of Chan. From tonight, I am going to change my name to Shah Rukh Chan. I am a huge fan (of Jackie Chan). This is the greatest moments of my life, he said during San Francisco Film Festival. Khan was having an interactive session with Hollywood director and producer Brett Ratner that was live streamed on Twitter. The actor was surprised and equally happy when the host took Chan on video call. He said that his elder son looked like Jackie Chan at the time of his birth. I do not think I have said this before but when my first son was born [Aryan], he looked like Jackie Chan. (01)