First flying car to be launched in 2018

Tuesday 18 April 2017 1 month ago 30   London    Print

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Report  Web desk : LONDON: The world first flying car Liberty, a combination of a car and a helicopter has been designed by Dutch company Pal-V and its first model is expected to roll off the production line in 2018. The world’s first commercial flying cars could soon take off from UK roads next year. According to Pal-V, its Liberty vehicle is in line with all existing air and road regulations. Liberty is a gyroplane, which like a helicopter has large horizontal rotor blades but the difference is that these rotors are powered by the wind. The forward motion comes from a propeller at the back of the vehicle, which is equipped with two 100 horses engines with an additional one for safety. In the air, Liberty can fly up to 110mph and 100mph on the road. Pal-V says it takes 10 minutes to switch from driving to flying mode and, in the air, Liberty can fly for 310 miles from a full tank. The cockpit can only take two people including the pilot. The Dutch company wants Liberty to promote a new idea of “freedom of mobility” thanks to what it has coined “Fly Driving”. “Fly over mountains, rivers, lakes and traffic jams and drive on. Play more, get more things done and enjoy the ride at the same time,” the company says on its website. The basic model will go on sale for $400,000 but the “Pioneer” edition, which will be the first model on the market will near the $600,000. 02