Sindh University lecturer awarded PhD degree from KU

Thursday 20 April 2017 1 month ago 107   Hyderabad   Print

UoS Lecturer Madam Shazia Shuab-File Photo

Report  Kaleem Butt : HYDERABAD: The lecturer of Mass Media and Communication Studies, University of Sindh Madam Shazia Shuab has been awarded the degree of PhD from Karachi University (KU), she conducted research on topic of "Women Rights and Media Coverage" she completed her degree in 2016. While talking to "OIN" Madam Shazia said that she is glad to receive the doctorate degree from KU, "through my research I have tried to highlight the role of media especially on women issues and their rights and through research tried to show how much coverage media gives to issues related to women." She further said that she is thankful to her parents and teachers who supported and guided her during her research, she also said that she would now serve the University of Sindh as a teacher especially in the field of research. 02