Alia Bhatt fires bodyguard after being afraid of his drunken state

Friday 21 April 2017 1 month ago 57   Mumbai   Print

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Report  Web desk : MUMBAI: Stars prefer not to travel without security, but who knows when a trusted guard can turn into a troublemaker? Something of the sort also happened with Bollywood powerhouse performer Alia Bhatt. The 24-year-old famous actress was reportedly at her beau Siddharth Malhotra’s residence in Bandra and wanted to head home at 3 AM. When she called her bodyguard, at first, he didn’t respond to any of the calls but eventually he picked up. Once in the car, beside the bodyguard, the actress felt quite at unease as he smelled of alcohol and when he opened his mouth to speak his speech was slurred. The actress deemed it wise to not confront him in the car. Once at home, she narrated her ordeal to her mother, Soni Razdan. Well, following which the bodyguard was given the boot, leaving the actress looking for a better option. (01)