Old man sobs for justice in Badin

Thursday 29 December 2016 6 months ago 67   Badin   Print

Old man protesting over his sons in Badin.

Report  Tanweer Ahmed Arain : 70-years-old Mohammad Mallah, resident of village Mohammad Mallah has alleged that his ruthless sons including Ali Asghar, Sikander and others have made out him forcibly from his home and he alleged for forcibly occupation of his 1.5 acres fertile land. Oldest, Mohammad Mallah by sobbing and shedding tears protest out of Badin press club alleged that he is ill and living his hard life without support of his sons. He further added that he was made out forcibly from his home from long three months ago by his sons. He demanded for justice and re-back his own land and his house as he can live his rest life by relax and serene.