Google celebrates Happy New Year with doodles

Saturday 31 December 2016 6 months ago 98   New York   Print

Happy New Year : Google Welcomes 2016 With A Doodle.

Report  Web desk : New Year is around the corner and everybody is excited to start a fresh year with new beginnings, new ideas, new energy, and new determination. Everybody wants to make this coming year a cherishable one. Google, too, seems excited about 2017 and has posted a colourful doodle with jumpy balloons waiting for the clock to strike twelve. The doodle has balloons hung up to the ceiling by means of a net. The balloons are jumping with their earnest eyes on the clock. They are eagerly waiting for 2017 to arrive. Google on their page wrote, "Happy New Year Eve! All across the world tonight, we are sharing the eager anticipation of counting down to midnight: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."