Robot picking up apples and putting in crates created

Monday 15 May 2017 2 weeks ago 25   New York   Print

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Report  Web desk : CALIFORNIA: We are living in the age of automation. Robots are capable of handling tasks previously reserved for lawyers, doctors, shoe manufacturers, and just about every profession in between. And now, Abundant Robotics, a startup “developing leading edge robots for agriculture,” has created a robot that picks apples. The inspiration for the invention came as a result of the current political landscape. The focus on immigration policy has left many worried that there simply won’t be enough immigrant workers to meet the demand. The growing trend of fewer people working on farms has led to quite an issue with production, and apples obviously can’t be sold if they’re never picked. This led abundant Robotics to develop a robot that can, according to CEO and co-founder Dan Steere, identify, pluck, and place apples into a crate with roughly the same accuracy and care as a human. However, unlike a human, a robot doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and it can work at, well, inhuman speeds. On the other hand, farmers organisations have expressed concerns on this report, but according to company, these robots have given an effective solution in order to resolve the growing problems. 02