This might be the longest cat in world

Friday 19 May 2017 a week ago 24   Australia   Print

The Longest cat of world

Report  Web desk : SYDNEY: Three times the size of an average home cat, Omar is in line to be crowned the world’s longest cat. The maine coon measures 1.2m (3ft 11in) and weighs 14kg (2st 3lb). Stephanie Hirst, his owner told The Times: “We were expecting about a 9kg cat and he got to that before he was one year old. That’s when we realized he is not nearly done yet and we have got a really big cat on our hands.” Ms Hirst and partner Rowan Lawrence adopted Omar as a kitten. She said: “Rowan always wanted a big cat, he was tiny when we got him but then he just started growing and was 10kg at one year old". “He sleeps on the couch ... because he takes up too much room on the bed and he demands we cuddle and pet him all through the night,” she said. 02