Six more kids die at Thar due to malnutrition

Friday 19 May 2017 a week ago 35   Mithi   Print

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Report  Hanif Samoon : MITHI: Six more kids died of the complications caused by malnutrition and the outbreak of the various diseases in Thar desert during past three days . Four months Yasmin Nohrio who was allegedly forcibly discharged from the civil hospital died on her way to her village Lia Kharo. While two newborns of Ali Ghulam, Bhoobal Singh, Soomar, Achar Bheel and three months Mashooque Ahmed were among those, who lost their lives in Mithi. Thus with the deaths of six more kids the reported death toll rose to 154 since this year in government hospitals of the desert region . Despite the repeated attempts neither DHO Thar nor civil surgeon of Mithi Civil Hospital could be contacted for their versions about the unabated deaths of infants from various complications. According to Mr Mohammad Zaman Narejo, the deputy commissioner Tharprakar district 1,340 infants died in six hospitals of the district since 2014. While submitting the report in before the divisional bench of Sindh High Court headed by Chief Justice Mr Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh . Mr Narejo on Thursday told that over 4,26, 000 children of below five years of age were brought in six facilities of the district where 1,340 kids died while 2,010 were refereed to the teaching hospitals for further treatment, However, he could tell that whether those refereed to Hyderabad and Karachi died or survived on their ways to hospitals under the harsh and hostile weather. " 341 infants lost their lives due to birth complications ( underweights) only 36 died of malnutrition, 36 of the respiratory diseases 14 lost their lives due to the outbreak of dyrooerha while rest of other kids died of various other complications " added the report. According to the available details with OIN in Thar despite the tall claims of the government to improve the condition of hospitals, dispensaries and health units there is still need of 332 doctors while there are only 22 doctors in 240 dispensaries of the desert district Sindh government on March 28 sacked the 25 doctors including five lady doctors, who were given the jobs on the contract bases during the severe droughts two years back. After terminating the contracts of five lady doctors, presently there is not a single lady doctor in Rural Health Center of Islamkot. The parents of the ailing kids talking to the local journalists deplored that they were not given the medicines and other facilities in all the government hospitals. They alleged that doctors posted at Civil Hospital Mithi were insisting them to get their kids admitted in the private clinics. Here it is pertinent to mention that at least 20 doctors having duties at civil hospitals have set up their private clinics opposite to civil hospital in Mithi town. 02