Opposition parties get together against bad governance of PPP in Sindh

Friday 19 May 2017 1 month ago 86   Karachi   Print

Opposition leaders of Sindh-File Photo

Report  Web desk : KARACHI: Important meeting of Opposition parties, hosted by PML-F chief Pir Pigara has decided to draft joint strategy against incumbent PPP Government in Sindh. The meeting held at Pakistan Muslim League chief Pir Pagara residence and attended by Ghous Ali Shah, Sadarudin Rashdi, Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Ayaz Latif Palejo, Aijaz Shah Sherazi and Shehryar Mehr. The meeting collectively decided to release White Paper against the PPP Provincial Government corruption and also decided to launch campaign to active people against the PPP bad governance across the province. Talking on the occasion, PML-F chief Pir Pagara said that opposition will play its due role against the government negligence with public problems. “People will not let alone on mercy of plunders,” he said adding that opposition will soon launch movement against oppressed. 02