Now you can charge your phone using body energy

Friday 06 January 2017 6 months ago 55   New York   Print

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Report  Web desk : A new device was shared on Kickstarter for pledge by a 19-year-old boy which can charge all kinds of smart phone devices using hand movement. The teenager has launched a pocket device named HandEnergy whose primary function is to charge batteries of smartphones, tablets and other tech devices. HandEnergy allows users to charge their phones by generating electricity using their own body. The portable device simply uses laws of physics. It has a starter ring inside it which can transmit impulses to the rotor. Thus the users just have to keep rotating their wrists in order to maintain the spin of rotor and generate electricity. A cable attached to HandEnergy will be plugged into the smartphone which will charge the phone. The best thing about HandEnergy is that it is easy to carry and doesn’t use any external source of energy which makes it eco-friendly. However, the charging device takes a bit longer than a usual socket charger or solar charger due to low production of electricity by wrist rotation. HandEnergy will be available in the market from March, 2017 onwards and priced at €99.