Sugar price raised by Rs 3 per Kg in Lahore

Sunday 08 January 2017 6 months ago 87   Lahore   Print

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Report  Web desk : As the new year started the price hike of food items on the rise as the sugar price has been jumped to Rs 3 per kg in Lahore that increased the price of 50 kg bag from 2700 to 3200. The price of sugar in wholesale market of a bag of 50 kg 3200 but in retail market it is being sold at Rs 68 as the price hike has sour the taste of the people and they are worried over the increasing price of house hold items. Shopkeepers held the ‘Mafia’ responsible of the increasing price as the storm of price hike is multiplying worries of the masses. The people is demanding government should take step to halt such cruel price hike.