Do not want to disqualify PM on mere assumptions, it would be dangerous precedent, remarks SC Judge

Tuesday 10 January 2017 4 months ago 70   Islamabad   Print

Supreme Court Building-File Photo

Report  Web desk : A member of Supreme Court large bench hearing Panamagate case on Tuesday has remarked, if the Prime Minister was disqualified on mere assumption it would set a dangerous precedent and they do not want to set such precedent. The larger bench of the apex court headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa heard Panamagate case. PTI counsel Naeem Bukhari continued his arguments. He added that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has prepared a report against Ishaq Dar on money laundering, which was authored by former FIA Director Rehman Malik. He added that the report had been sent to the then President Rafique Tarar, Chief Justice of Pakistan and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) but no action was taken on the report. On this, Justice Gulzar Ahmed warned Bukhari to remain confined to the main case and only answer to whatever was being asked from him. The PTI counsel once again reiterated that Dar had confessed to money laundering. Upon this, Justice Azmat Saeed while addressing the PTI counsel said, Bukhari Sahib satisfy this court instead of making speech to the nation. You are pressing us to take decision on the basis of opinion without any evidence. The report you are referring to has been rejected even by FIA itself and how we can give judgment on such report. At one stage, Justice Khosa remarked: Bukhari Sahib, your research is extraordinary. But what the use of it when you have asked the apex court to investigate the matter first and then give decision by forming trail court. At the moment, the matter before the court is a constitutional question of disqualification, so how we can hold trial. Upon this, Bukhari said that the lead counsel was Hamid Khan and he was actually a spare lawyer in the matter. After recusition of Hamid Khan from the case, the whole burden was shifted on his shoulders, he replied. On this, Justice Azmat Saeed Sheik remarked in a lighter vein: Bukhari Sahib now you have come to the pitch, I will urge you to not to play by going out of the crease. Continuing his argument, Bukhari told the court that the children of PM have started their businesses after selling Jeddah Mills. He added that there were 20 million ponds in 12 companies of Hassan Nawaz which negated the stance of the Prime Minister. Upon this Justice Azmat Saeed asked from Bukhair whether anywhere in the world any court had given decision on the basis of Panama leaks. He further inquired from the PTI counsel whether any court can give decision without fair trial? Upon this, Bukhari replied, you may start this. To which Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked that, disqualifying the prime minister on mere assumption would be a dangerous judicial precedent and we do not want to set any such precedent.