Saudi Governor reaches Pakistan to hunt protected houbara bustard

Tuesday 10 January 2017 4 months ago 85   Islamabad   Print

Saudi Governor is seen landing at Chagai

Report  Web desk : Saudi Arabia Tabuk Governor Prince Fahad Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz has reached Dalbandin in his private plane to hunt houbara bustard. Obadullah Babat, MPA Sakhi Meer Amanullah, government officials and large number of tribal leaders greeted royal dignity. Stern security measures were taken to avoid any mishap. Tabuk Governor will reside in Chagai for a month to hunt protected houbara bustard in deserts of Chagai. Government remains heedless despite sheer criticism from animal rights activists and civil society. Houbara bustard falls in list of endangered species but regrettably the federal government view the birds as pillar of foreign policy.