ECHR refuses Muslim parents Plea against Schools allowing intermingling during swimming

Wednesday 11 January 2017 4 months ago 62   Switzerland/ Zurich   Print

Swimming Pool

Report  Web desk : Muslim parents in Switzerland cannot refuse to send their daughters to school-run swimming lessons with boys, Europe top rights court said, dismissing a challenge by a Turkish-Swiss couple claiming the rule violated their beliefs. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) accepted that the refusal by Swiss authorities to exempt the couple s two daughters from the compulsory lessons interfered with their freedom of religion. But the interference, it ruled, was justified by the need to protect the children from social exclusion. School has become the focal point in several high-profile battles between Swiss authorities and Muslim families who say their religion prevents their children from participating in some mixed activities. Last year, a high-profile case involving Muslim pupils in the northern canton of Basel refusing to shake hands with their female teachers caused an uproar.