Indian soldier goes missing after exposing Army corruption

Wednesday 11 January 2017 4 months ago 67   Mumbai   Print

Indian Soldier Tej Bahadur Yadev-File Photo

Report  Web desk : Indian soldier Tej Bahadur Yadev who exposed the corruption of his own army in a video and he has gone missing. Tej wife Sharmila has said that there has been no contact with Tej after the video. I do not know where is Tej and in what condition, my husband did no wrong asking for the bread, he should be given justice, she added. The BSF had declared Tej a habitual criminal yesterday after the surfacing of video in which he had said that army officers sells everything and and devour it even food items while we are given nothing to eat and we are going hungry at the border, how could we fight war with empty stomachs. He had further said that that bread and lentil which is being served at lunch are not fit to eat, the government gives money for food but our food comprise only lentil and turmeric water.