350 year old Muharram procession taken out in Sukkur

Tuesday 26 2017 4 weeks ago 77   Sukkur   Print

Report  Bisma Waseem : Sukkur: 350 years old historic 5th Muharram procession was taken out in old Sukkur on Tuesday. Strict arrangements for security of mourners were made on the occasion and nobody was allowed to join the procession without body search and pass walk through gate. According to detail, the historic 5th Muharram Mourn which commonly known as “Maseet Wala Matam” was taken out as usual from Latif-Je-Otaro which was joined other processions and mourners from Sukkur, Bachal Shah Miani, Kandhra, Bagarji, Baberloi, Pano Akil, Rohri and other surrounding areas at Masoomi Imam Bargah, old Sukkur. The mourners on occasion beating their chests and hitting themselves with sharp knives attached with iron chain on their backs in which more than two dozen mourners were injured who were shifted to the locally setup Edhi Medical Camps as well as Civil Hospital Sukkur through ambulances who were provided necessary medical aid by the doctors. 5th Muharram Old Sukkur procession passed through its routes i.e. from Moasoomi Muhalla, Jinnat Building, Masoomi Imam Bargah, Shahi Bazar and other streets after which it reached at graveyard of Dittal Shah where arrangements of Majalis were made where Shia Ulema addressed the mourners about difficulties faced by Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) and his other accomplices in war filed of Karbala (Iraq) to safe Islam of his grandfather Last Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Strict security arrangements were made in connection with 5th Muharram procession in old Sukkur and by creating hurdles the movement of vehicular traffic on the routes of procession was stopped while separate walk through gates for men and women were installed. For monitoring and security of mourners at least 841 policemen including women police and rangers personnel were deployed. 02