500 year old document reveals torture and persecution of Mexicans

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Report  Web desk : MEXICO: A story of torture, betrayal and persecution is captivating Mexicans almost 500 years after it happened. The dramatic life and death of the Carvajal family in 16th-Century Mexico is in the spotlight after a decades-long search for a national treasure came to an unexpected happy ending. Luis de Carvajal "The Young" came to Mexico - then known as New Spain - with his large, well-to-do family during the early colonisation of the Americas. His family governed part of northern Mexico and soon made enemies, including a power-hungry viceroy keen to topple him from power. The ambitious viceroy discovered that Luis de Carvajal was a practicing Jew, a crime punishable by death in the times of the Spanish Inquisition Older relatives had urged Luis de Carvajal to convert to Catholicism for his own safety, but he staunchly stuck to his faith. 02