A Novel on Historic Character of Sindh

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Report  Web Desk : (Book Review by: Jameel Ahmed) Sindh is the land having a vast history, its people have given great sacrifices for their motherland. In 1843 the East India Company conquered Sindh after the battle of Meeani and Dubba, and the heroes of this battle from natives were Meer Sheer Mohammad, Hosh Mohammad Shaheed and Jam Chakar Jokhio. Kaleem Butt in his latest novel "Mari Thiya Na Maat" published by Noan Niyapo sheds light on these historic characters of Sindh. The novel is spread over 100 pages and is written in well skilled manner, as a fiction writer Kaleem Butt has developed himself very quickly and through his writings he takes his readers to another world, his stories and novels are page turner, after his first novel that too was written on historic character of Sindh, Raja Dahir, this novel too is a treat for people who love history and fiction. The novel starts with the downfall of East India Company in Afghanistan during 1842, and then conquest of Sindh by Napier in 1843. The writer brings to life the character of Hosh Mohammad, who is the main character of the novel and sheds light on his courage and brave attempt to save Sindh from being enslaved by British imperialists. However, Butt has developed the entire story in such way a that reader finds certain new things like the fight of Jam Chakar and Hosh Mohammad, who according to novel are best friends Jam is the prince of Jokhio tribe of Malair and he is worried about the movement of British troops near Karachi, so he goes to meet Hosh Mohammad, who is settled near Hyderabad. As the Jam approaches Hosh Mohammad, he is offered a fight by Hosh Mohammad before even they have greeted each other. So the traditional Sindhi wrestling takes place between to great fighters of Sindh Jam Chakar and Hosh Mohammad. This is the revenge fight as Jam Chakar had already beaten Hosh Mohammad some time ago. Huge crowd gathers to witness this historic fight, people dance and beat drums. Jam Chakar beats Hosh Mohammad in the first of three rounds, when Hosh Mohammad falls the crowd becomes silent. He gets up and eventually in next two rounds he beats the Jam. Furthermore, the novel puts light on other historic events like marriage of Hosh Mohammad to his cousin, the prediction of a dervish about Hosh Mohammad and death of Karimdad, who is son of Hosh Mohammad. This is fourth novel of Kaleem Butt, prior to this his other novels are Dahir, Watan Jin Wisariyo and Azadi jee Uptar, all published by Naon Niyapo. This novel has the element of suspense, which is often found in writings of Kaleem and this novel simply is unputdownable. 02