Alaska Antenna to improve Space Communication of NASA

Monday 09 October 2017 2 weeks ago 37   New York   Print

Report  Web Desk : NEW YORK: NASA unveiled a new space communications antenna at the Alaska Satellite Facility in Fairbanks this week. The new antenna, AS-2, which sits atop the Elvey building will retrieve data from NASA’s spacecraft. NASA operates three space communications networks, the Deep Space Network, Space Network and Near Earth Network. AS-2 will boost the capacity of the Near Earth Network, which supports space satellites orbiting within 1.2 million miles from Earth. The Near Earth Network services several Earth-observing satellites, including NASA’s Aqua, Aura and Soil Moisture Active Passive satellites. The antenna fields data within two main frequency ranges, S-band and X-band. Scientists and researchers are happy to have the antenna nearby. Its data has fueled a variety of doctorate research projects. 02