Amazing: Video of pets saving owners goes viral on social media

Saturday 17 June 2017 2 months ago 49   Hyderabad   Print

Pets saving their owners

Report  Web desk : HYDERABAD: Here are the top 10 pets who saved their owners lives when their owners were in trouble. Pets are great to have around the house to keep you company, but did you know that some pets are superheroes in that they have actually saved owners lives. Recently 10 videos were collected were on Youtube where different pets saved their owners from bullies. On number (10) is a dog saving shop owner from being robbed as the robber with gun entered the shop the dog attacked him and bit his bag the robber was terrified and caught by police. (9) a boy cyclying in the street was saved by his cat when a stary dog attacked him the cat even chased the dog. (8) A baby was save by dog when a goose attacked him. (7) A dog saved chickens on farm of its owner when a fox entered the farm and tried to steal a chicken. (6) Two dogs attack an intruder as he was trying to steal from the house. (5) Pet dogs save a child from mother beating the child, the dogs barked on the mother till she let the child go. (4) dog saves owner from bully. (3) A dog saves owner as fire caught the house. (2) A dog saves the owner drowning in the pool, and (1) A cat saves family from two allegators. Here is the link of video. 02 (