Boy trying to take selfie injured after falling down

Saturday 22 April 2017 6 months ago 23   India    Print

Report  Web desk : HEBRI: A boy was reportedly injured when he tried to take a selfie of pretending a suicide scene. He tied a rope around his neck to pose for a selfie which did not go very well for him. The boy, who belonged from Kabbinale area in Karnataka Udupi district, tied a real rope around his neck as he tried to dramatise a suicide scene so that he could create a selfie moment, according to the senior police officer who was informed about the case. His selfie scene went entirely wrong when he accidently slipped off the stool and became stranded in midair. The rope around his neck tightened as soon as he got stranded. Luckily, his friend informed the family before he was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted immediately. The boy’s condition was reported to be stable now. 02