Climate and Health

Tuesday 05 2017 3 weeks ago 34   Hyderabad   Print

Blogger  Saima Gul : Climate influences human health in many ways. Climate change affects the environment and that change causes many health issues due to polluted air, food and water. Global warming, depletion of ozone layer, acid rain and greenhouse gases are a matter of grave concern for the whole world. Various international treaties and agreements such as Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol etc. have been signed among many countries of the world to mitigate the threats of environmental degradation in the form of climate change. Recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 held in Paris is a sign of good omen but US’s sudden withdrawal from the treaty raises many question over the future of the world. For having a peaceful and healthy world, cooperation among all countries especially of developed countries is necessary. Climate change affects the human health in many ways directly or indirectly. Climate change results in poor water quality, polluted air and uncertain food security will impact on populations of the developing countries in particular, and developed ones in general. The increase or decrease in temperature on the human body can be detrimental to many body functions, both directly and in terms of the water stress imposed by high temperatures. Water quality and quantity are also likely to change in the future and may cause many issues among various countries of the world. Poor quality of water affects the potential levels of aquatic-borne pathogens and water pollution. Pakistan and India are already having many grievances and issues with each other over water issue. The danger of ultraviolet radiation due to depletion of ozone layer can cause cancer and other diseases. Global warming and acid rain can cause various health issues. Climate change contributes in certain forms of natural hazard, such as floods, heavy rain and drought. These would compound the effects on human health. Furthermore, such calamities results in refugee problems and population movements. Human property also comes under the threat in such natural disasters. On the whole it is concluded that climate change impacts the human health in many ways. All the developing countries bear the brunt of effects of Climate Change. Unfortunately among developing countries of the world Pakistan is badly hit by climate change in the form of reoccurring flood, and heavy rain. The world has done much to mitigate the effects of climate change and much is yet to be done. All the developed countries should collaborate with each other and with developing countries of the world to save human life from menace of climate change. Collaboration and unity are must to have a clean, safe and pollution free world.