Danish prince denies to be buried next to queen

Saturday 05 August 2017 3 months ago 35   Denmark   Print

Danish Prince Henrik -File Photo

Report  Web Desk : DENMARK: Royal problems in Denmark have reached a new high with Danish Prince Henrik stating that he does not wish to be buried next to his wife, Queen Margrethe. According to International Media, the 83-year-old prince’s refusal to be buried next to his spouse is an external protest over his title because although the Prince is married to the Queen, his official title had always been prince consort rather than the much more regal king consort. Lene Balleby, the palace’s communications chief, stated that it was an open secret that the prince had been for a long time "unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. This discontent has grown more and more in recent years." Lene also said that the Prince had decided not be buried beside the Queen as he had not been treated equally and had not gotten the role that he had wanted. A statement from the Royal House confirmed that the Queen was familiar with her husband’s protest and "acknowledges the decision“ .The statement also said that the Prince would not be laid to rest in his native country France, as was being previously claimed, and would be buried somewhere in Denmark, although not in Roskilde Cathedral as had been previously thought. The queen, on the other hand, is still expected to be buried at the Roskilde Cathedral. 02