Dr Asim Hussain leaves for London

Sunday 10 2017 1 month ago 66   Karachi   Print

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Report  Web Desk : KARACHI: Dr Asim Hussain left for London from Jinnah International Airport on Sunday. As per details, Dr Asim said Pakistan is his home and he will return shortly. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, who is out on bail in two cases of corruption and one of terrorists facilitation, recently managed to get his name struck off the Exit Control List (ECL). Dr Asim, a former petroleum minister and close aide of PPP supremo Asif Ali Zardari, had approached the Supreme Court to be allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment. Sources said Dr Asim, was present in the departure lounge and was accompanied by his mother, daughter and son-in-law. However, it is unsure if any family members travelled with him. Dr Asim was expected to proceed to London via Dubai in an Emirates flight. (01)