Dr Burfat welcomes newly inducted lecturers

Wednesday 02 August 2017 3 months ago 80   Jamshoro   Print

VC Sindh University Dr Burfat welcoming new lecturers

Report  Web Desk : JAMSHORO: A serene and graceful ceremony was held at Senate Hall of the Vice-Chancellor Secretariat, University of Sindh to extend formal welcome to the newly-inducted lecturers of University of Sindh. The ceremony was arranged as a response to the new appointees wish to call in courtesy on the Vice Chancellor. 52 lecturers having assumed office at different teaching departments/ institutes came to the event venue where they were greeted by the VC Secretariat staff. The given ceremony was presided over by VC-SU Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat; whereas, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Registrar, University of Sindh and the heads of departments/ institutes where the appointments had been made were also present on the occasion. SU Vice Chancellor Dr. Burfat in his remarks on this eve said that the new entrants should avoid indulging in negative activities that might drain their positive energy, stamina, attention and time. “You are fortunate to have become a part of highly respected university teaching fraternity; your new elevated position requires of you to maintain your caliber and character and makes due demand on you to spend every precious minute productively”, he advised. Dr. Burfat stressed that they had made the selection of all lecturers only and only on the basis of merit to the best of their judgment, conscience and experience; in strict observance of the prescribed rules, principles, procedures and standards. The vice chancellor urged upon fresh lecturers to work with diligence, devotion, honesty and integrity to prove to the world that their selection was rightful and justified. Quoting example of one of the new appointees Neelma Bhatti who had grabbed Fulbright scholarship award, he emphasized that their selection was judicious and best. Dr. Burfat informed those in audience that their new responsibility would not be a bed of roses, as it would also pose them the lure of threatening temptations that might de-track them to adverse career avenues. “You have to exercise great caution, understanding, analysis and foresight to be able to discern through professional traps during your service at the varsity”, he warned. VC Dr. Burfat expressed the hope that all new teachers would lend undivided attention to their career development by focusing on academic and professional excellence accrued through earning higher research qualifications and contribution in their respective fields of studies. Prof. Dr. Imdad Ali Siddiqui, Director, Centre for Pure and Applied Geology, University of Sindh presented vote of thanks. 02