Federal Government distributing unfair electricity to Sindh: Khursheed Shah

Monday 19 June 2017 2 months ago 100   Sukkur   Print

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah speaking at Sukkur

Report  Bisma Waseem : Sukkur: Leader of opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has said that power load shedding is being carried in excess in Sindh as compared to other three provinces of the country despite that Sindhis are called thieves of electricity adding that if Sindh stands up on the matter of such remarks then it would create difficulties for the federal government. He observed this while talking to media during his visit of Bambli and Mubarak minors in Mubarak Pur to review the flow of water in the canals as well as inauguration of the building of Govt. High School in Village Mari near Ali Wahan near Sukkur on Monday. Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that maximum electricity theft is in province of Punjab while maximum electricity supply remains off in Sindh as compared to other three provinces of the country but despite that Sindhis were being called as electricity thieves while Sindhis were not being supplied electricity adding that in case Sindh if stands up on this matter then it would create difficulties for the federal government. He said that Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is under the government while there is tremendous pressure upon the judges from Nawaz League, adding that Indian atrocities were increasing upon the Kashmiri people day by day. He said that Mian Sahib has friendship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is busy in obliging his friendship with Modi and as result of such friendship no sincerity was being adopted on the issue of Kashmir. He told to media that in recruitments of Sindh, 142 doctors of Sukkur district have sought employment who would render medical services to ailing people of their respective areas. He said that examinations of Matric and Intermediate in next year would be held at one place instead any school or centre and CCTV cameras would be installed in the examination centres. He talked about ICC and said that due to best performance of Pakistani Cricket Team in Champions Trophy Cricket Match against Indian Cricket Team, it has won the place among the hearts of 200 million peoples of the country. He said that billions of rupees were being spent for government offices but it did not give pleasure what pleasure has been given by the players of Pakistani Cricket Team as it has up-high the image of Pakistan internationally. He said that now there would be no politics of telling lie adding that aim and object of politics was to show the right way to the people and if people would be matured and knew about better candidate then it would cast vote to the right people. 02