Federal govt plans to appoint Shaukat Tarin as finance adviser

ISLAMABAD: 15, OCTOBER, 2021: The federal government has planned to appoint Shaukat Tarin as adviser to PM on finance.
According to sources, the term of Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin as federal minister will end today. The government has decided to appoint Tarin an adviser. Shaukat Tarin will continue his responsibilities as a financial adviser.
Sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon approve the appointment of Shaukat Tarin as adviser.
"He could not become senator due to non-implementation of Elections Act Amendment Ordinance on Ishaq Dar's seat."
In this regard, the federal govt has approached the Supreme Court on Ishaq Dar's seat.
It is pertinent to mention here that, Shaukat Tarin was made a federal minister for six months.
According to the Constitution, if he does not become a Member of Parliament within six months, he must resign. Earlier, the federal government decided to elect Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen as a senator from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Tarin will be made an advisor on completion of his legal term as a federal minister.
According to sources, Shaukat Tareen will be made federal minister after being elected as Senator.
On the other hand, Hamad Azhar could also be given temporarily given additional portfolio if need be, sources said. Tarin will not be able to head various important committees after becoming the advisor and will not be eligible to chair other cabinet committees including ECC, under the constitution. He will also not be eligible to chair other cabinet committees.
Remember that, Tarin constitutionally requires to be elected as a Member of Parliament till October 16, 2021 for continuation as the federal minister for finance. (04)

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