Google to work with Indonesia for tackling offensive video content

Friday 04 August 2017 3 months ago 37   Jakarta   Print

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Report  Web Desk : JAKARTA: Alphabet Inc Google is working with Indonesia to tackle video content deemed to be offensive, including material that might incite violence or hate speech, a senior official of the search giant said on Friday. Google plans to implement its "Trusted Flagger" programme in Indonesia over the next two to three months, Ann Lavin, Google director for public policy and government affairs in Southeast Asia and Greater China, told a news conference in Jakarta. The programme, which is already running in countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, allows selected users to flag questionable content on its video-sharing platform, YouTube, in bulk rather than one at a time. Content flagged by group members will be prioritized for review and may then be removed by Google. A growing amount of content encouraging religious intolerance or radicalism is being shared in Indonesia, home to the world largest Muslim population and some of the most avid users of social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara separately discussed the issue of "negative" content with representatives from Google and Twitter Inc on Friday, two days after he met Facebook officials. 02