HYN arranges iftaari for poor and needy people at Hyderabad

Friday 16 June 2017 4 months ago 218   Hyderabad   Print

HYN serving Iftaari at Hyderabad

Report  Web desk : HYDERABAD: Continuing their own legacy of serving Iftaar to the needy people on the streets of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Youth Network started Free Iftaar Project 17 today by organizing Free Iftaar at Civil hospital for the people in the surroundings of Civil hospital. On that occasion, many other youth groups were also present to serve the people such as Save Human Foundation, Hyderabad Youth Organization, STEP Organization, Noshad Khowaja Photography, Phantom Production, Share & Care Organization. On this occasion, the head of Hyderabad Youth Network Moazzam Shah Bukhari shared his views that he had always believed in Unity, diversity and team work. He further said that people have already a lot of negativity and we need to share and feed them with positive thoughts and things, and this is the reason we invited various youth organizations to come forth and share hands with us for this sacred cause. Moreover, he added that previous year a total number of 1650+people were served by us on streets and this year there will be 9 more iftaaris in various areas of Hyderabad excluding this, where we are expecting a total number of 3500 to 5000 people to be served as whole. 02